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Pulse 2013 Pro-Life Student Forum is your change to come spend a day with pro-life students from across New South Wales, from all https://payforessay.pro/ walks of life, and talk about the greatest ethical callenges of our generation. It will be attended by secondary and tertiary students and features top national and international speakers from all over Australia and New Zealand.

The Forum schedule is packed full of exciting speakers on abortion, euthanasia, and human rights in Australia. The lunch break and regular coffee breaks will be opportunities to discuss, challenge, and engage with ideas from the Forum with your fellow participants. Plus hang with a great bunch of people!
I picked up a copy of edition 2 of Cruwsible the other day and came across an article that caught my eye: “Abortion: Is it any of your business?” This was, as expected, a direct response to my article I had written for the first edition of the https://payforessay.pro/essay-for-sale/ Cruwsible. I was excited – finally there was going to be some real interaction and discussion about this issue on campus. It was a bit of a disappointment that the pro-life view was dismissed so quickly, not because of its content, but because it’s no longer a discussion. “It was a discussion once,” states Octavia Martin, but now insists that pro-life is a “judgement.”

I feel the best way to respond to the article is to address each individual point. However before I do this, I do want to acknowledge that Ms. Martin is talking from personal experience, having stated she has had a termination in the past. This is something that I think is absolutely tragic, and I something that I want no women to ever be put through. To me, Ms. Martin is a victim of the abortion industry, just like every other woman who has gone through a termination.
Who is speaking?
Brendan Malone, NZ bioethicist and social commentator, leading sessions on human rights and life issues, the culture of life, and key strategic principles in the pro-life movement.
Debbie Garratt from Real Choices Australia, speaking on the current social and medical context of abortion in Australia, including why https://payforessay.pro/history-homework-help/ women have abortions and how can we help them.
Paul Russell, the leading Australian advocate against euthanasia, providing the current state of the euthanasia debate, the international situation, and the key points of debate.
Sounds Awesome, I want to come
Great! If you want to come, firstly check out the SPL-specific info page. All registrations are being handled by LifeChoice, and you can register on their website. Information about payments can be found on the LifeChoice FAQ.

I have a question
Send UWS/SPL specific questions to admin@studentsprotectinglife.org. Send Pulse related questions to contact@lifechoice.net.au. If you're unsure who to go to, email one and CC in the other and it'll find it's way!

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