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We have taken a pledge to free the nation of this suffering caused by cancer,
Addiction & Surgical Pain and bring back the smile on their faces.


Pain, in the sense of physical pain, is a typical sensory experience that may be described as the unpleasant awareness of a noxious stimulus or bodily harm. Individuals experience pain by various daily hurts and aches, and sometimes through more serious injuries or illnesses. For scientific and clinical purposes, pain is defined by the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) as “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage”.

In medicine, pain is considered as highly subjective. A definition that is widely used in nursing was first given as early as 1968 by Margo McCaffery: “Pain is whatever the experiencing person says it is, existing whenever he says it does”. The pain of any type is the most common reason for physician consultation in the United States, prompting half of all Americans to seek medical care annually. It is a major symptom in many medical conditions, significantly interfering with a person’s quality of life and general functioning. Diagnosis is based on characterizing pain in various ways, according to duration, intensity, type (dull, burning or stabbing), source, or location in the body. Usually, the pain stops without treatment or responds to simple measures such as resting or taking an analgesic, and it is then called ‘acute’ pain. But it may also become intractable and develop into a condition called chronic pain, in which pain is no longer considered a symptom but an illness by itself. The study of pain has in recent years attracted many different fields such as pharmacology, neurobiology, nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy, and psychology. Pain medicine is a separate subspecialty figuring under some medical specialities like anesthesiology, physiatrist, neurology, and psychiatry.

Pain is part of the body’s defense system, triggering a reflex reaction to retract from a painful stimulus, and helps adjust behavior to increase avoidance of that particular harmful situation in the future. Given its significance, physical pain is also linked to various cultural, religious, philosophical, or social issues.

  • Pain….an emotion that’s hard to express… A feeling that’s hard to speak….An expression only felt by those who suffer.
    Pain is an inevitable part of life that takes away smile off the faces.We at 6iPAIN HEALTHCARE PRIVATE LIMITED, have taken a pledge to free the nation of this suffering caused by cancer, Addiction & Surgical Pain and bring back the smile on their faces by conquering pain responsibly.
  • There are millions in the country who are suffering from innumerable ailments, who are in immense pain. We at 6iPAIN along with your invaluable support want to free these millions from the bondage of pain & bring back smile on the faces of these people & their loved ones.


We at 6iPAIN HEALTHCARE PRIVATE LIMITED, have taken a pledge to free the nation of this suffering caused by cancer, Addiction & Surgical Pain and bring back the smile on their faces by conquering pain responsibly.
30 %

Of the world’s population suffers from pain and 72% Patients used analgesics (Sourec: IJPC)

19 %

Indian Adult Population Suffers from chronic pain (180-200 Millions) 25.5% Patients accepted pains as part of their lives [Source IJPC]

71 %

Chronic Pain patients visits General Practioners, only 4.8% Consult Specialist Pain Physicians. [Source IJPC]

2 Million

Cancer Patients in India, 1 Million Patients detected newly every year.

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